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March 6, 2012
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Chapter 8

My fingers ran though his soft blonde hair as my legs surrounded his hips while he carried me up the stairs, our tongues still intertwined. I was suprised of how strong Seamus was, im bigger than him yet he still managed to carry the both of us up to my room. I drop down from his hips and release my mouth as he pushed me onto my bed jokingly and I giggle as I drag him towards me making him lean overtop of me kissing him, no fear, no crying, just pleasure. It was warm, him over top of me, his body pressed against mine, my blood rushing and skin tingling with excitement with every kiss. He ripped off my shirt and I layed there regretting that I havent been to the gym in forever, I wanted to say something
he licked my chest, his warm wet toung tickling me as I moaned and giggled. He pulled away from me with a smile and stood up tugging at his pants and undoing his belt while it made jingling shounds and hit the floor, he smiled as he dove back onto me tugging at the zipper to my own pants
"Seamus no stop" he got up and looked at me with one brow raised, his smile gone
"I thought, I thought, im sorry"
I stared at him, watched his face trying to guess what he was thinking, I look down to see a dent in his boxers poking out, I felt my face turn red instantly and I studdered out the words
"I do, I want you, all of you"
I layed him over top of me gently again
"just not tonight"
I whispered meeting his eye contact, He smiled and kissed me on the forehead gently. my tense body relaxed as he held me in his arms making me feel so small, his taste still in my mouth. Seamus was now mine, and nobodyels needed to know about it.

"Coffee?" Seamus asks back turned to me while he pours himself a glass "ugh ya sure" he turns around smiling handing me a mug, I smile back and slurp the black coffee, looking around to find max and dan staring at me with their jaws dropped slighly
they both shook their heads and left the room, I shrugged and read the rest of the paper until seamus hugged me from behind kissing my neck
"shit you almost made me spill my coffee you dumb shit"
he giggled and then left the room himself leaving me alone.
I turned around to see Hordon coming around the corner in the process of taking off his coat
he threw his keys onto the island
"can you go out and grab a few groceries?"
I take a sip of coffee
"I cant drive you know that"
"get seamus to drive you"
hearing his name makes me smile
After washing up the mug I enter Seamus's room without knocking
"hey Hordon wants us to get some groceries-OH MY GOD!"
Seamus started bursting out laughing as I recognize the black thhing sitting on his bed "is that a fucking dildo?"
"HAHA ya a fan sent it to me"
I grab my butt
"thats not going up my ass!" I tease loudly making him laugh harder.

"froot by the foot?"
"gimmie dat betty crocker" He teased me
"I dont sound like that!" I laughed and hit his shoulder "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
both me and seamus both turned around towards the scream that was as loud as a fire alarm, the girl stood wide eyed in the middle of the aisle with both hands covering her mouth, she was roughly around 16 years and and wore long dark hair that fell a little farther than her soilders and she had the familiar shirt of 3 spoons and a moon.
"oh my god, oh my god, oh my god"
was repeated through the muffling of her hands over her mouth
"ughh hi?" seamus says alarmed,
iv seen movies of fan girls literally attacking movie stars and singers and I felt like running away, She romoved her hands from her mouth and a large smile stretched across her face revealing purple braces
"hi im ugh... i mean..."
she held her hands back to her mouth and screamed again but less loud, me and seamus looked at eachother both our mouths open
"hi... my-my names emily"
she reached out her hand for us to shake and I did so cautiously
"can.. I get a picture? with you two?"
Seamus shrugged but she dident wait and already had her camera out from her backpack. Seamus stuck his tounge out and I regularly smiled and after a few hugs (and tears) me and seamus made it out alive and were driving back to the house.
"what was with her?" I broke the silence of the car ride
"just a fan girl?"
"but you never freaked"
"fangirls and boys found me at target all the time, some were cool, some were well..."
I never had met any fangirls before
"was she hot?"
I looked over to him but he never met my eyes I stuttered not knowing what to answer "her?"
what do I say? what am I sapposto say?
"you want me to go to jail?" I joke to change the subject
"I love you"
he rested his hand on my leg face up, I took it in mine
"I love you to" and kissed him.

I know all you grammer nazis are gonna attack but whatev sorry its so late having... problems and also working on the next fan fic series coming up (nova x spoon)
please comment :D
sorry for the lateness LEAVE A COMMENT I LOVE READING COMMENTS :) if you have a question just post on my wall or tweet me :)


promised chapter 9 was BUTTCECKS TIME but nobody reads the descriptions anymore so.... why am i still typing in this?

can also be read on creaturehub here
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